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Out of This Place by Emma Cameron

January 31, 2013
By OneCoolCat BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
OneCoolCat BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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Out of This Place is Australian author Emma Cameron’s first novel. It is written in verse and tells the story of three friends trying to find their way in the world. Through different points of view, this story takes you through the problems and decisions that face some teens.

This book was unlike any other book I have read. It was hard to follow at times because the three main characters live in Australia and they have many different customs. I am still unsure how some things were able to occur.

Also, the first person whose story is told is hard to get into and slow to start. I would not have finished it if not for the determination to give something new a chance. After the first point-of-view is finished, the story gets much better. The characters are displayed in a more interesting way.

Another aspect of Emma Cameron’s writing that I did not enjoy was the way each verse flowed. It felt choppy and from the perspective of a person who likes to sit down and finish a book, it was quite difficult to get through. It seemed better to read for five minutes, stop, do something else, then come back and read for a couple more minutes. Unfortunately, I have trouble doing this.

Out of This Place wasn’t the right book for me, although it illustrates some great qualities. If you like to see different perspectives from around the world and read a story slowly then you may enjoy this book. I encourage you to try it.

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