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The A-Word by Joy Preble

August 24, 2014
By Run2Liv3 PLATINUM, Bedford, New York
Run2Liv3 PLATINUM, Bedford, New York
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Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Jenna Samuel’s former stoner brother is an A-Word. (Is it okay to say angel yet?) Ever since a devastating car crash a year ago, her brother Casey has been sent by Angel Management back to earth as her guardian angel. Everyone thought he would finally get sent to Heaven after he saved Jenna’s life again, but more questions as to Casey’s purpose on earth are raised after realizing that Management had no intentions of sending him back any time soon. Who is he here to save? And if it’s not Jenna, who will keep her out of harms way? With the help of a new love interest and a definitely crazy man by the name of Bo Shivers, Jenna and Casey begin the race against time to find out Casey’s purpose and save the world from a terrible drug that could leave thousands dead. But will they be too late?

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