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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

A Dysfunctional Family!

Is your family dysfunctional? Well someone you can relate to is the family of

Reba Hart on the TV show Reba that comes on week days at 4:00pm and 4:30pm on the CW Louisville. This show is so funny, and will have you thinking of your own family. This show is about a family who has everyday problems that all family’s go through and have to deal with. Reba is a good show because the characters play well off each other, the theme is common for anybody, and the actor’s act like a real family.
The character’s of this show play well off each other. They are very normal, like a real family, it will remind you of your own family. They have normal, everyday family problems and arguments. But at the end of the day they know they are family, and that’s all that maters.
The theme reminds you of your own family. Reba has to try to get along with her ex-husband (Brock) and his new pregnant wife (Barbra Jean), because they have three kids together. Reba has two girls and one boy that live with her. Her oldest daughter (Cheyenne) is 17 and pregnant and her husband (Van) lives with her. Her youngest daughter (Kera) is a sarcastic brat. Her son (Jake) is so cute and sweet.
The actor’s have a real good relationship; they are so natural and relaxed with each other. They don’t seem like they are acting at all. They seem like it’s their real life and their real family.
This show is so funny, and now they only play re-runs, but the show is still good. I would advise you to watch Reba weekdays at 4:00 and 4:30. You will definitely get a good laugh out of this show.

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