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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever laughed until you cried? Laughed until your cheeks hurt? That’s what it is like when watching Two and a Half Men. It’s a show about two brothers, Allen and Charlie, and Allen’s son Jake. It’s a good and entertaining show because it has believable acting, a relatable plot, and funny writing. It comes on CBS at 7 p.m.
The first reason it’s a good show is because it has good, believable acting. They use good facial expressions to get their point across. For example, when Charlie finds out something is wrong, he will make an expression that clearly shows he’s upset. Or when Jake has done something to irritate him, his face will turn red. So overall the acting is very convincing.
The second reason it there is almost always a good and relatable plot. They are always funny and keep the viewers interest. They have relatable problems that the viewer can sympathize with. For example, Allen got a car from his difficult mother. She started bossing him around since she “bought him.” Many people can relate to difficult relatives.
The last reason is it has good writing. There are always funny jokes and entertaining situations. It easily keeps the viewers attention. The characters play off each other well. For example, if Jake wants something and asks Charlie and he says no, he will ask Allen who is more likely to say yes. He’ll make a face at Charlie which makes Charlie mad.
In conclusion, the show is good because of the acting, the plot, and the writing. It’s interesting and funny. It’s relatable and entertaining. I highly recommend Two and a Half Men.

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