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The Book of Eli

January 17, 2011
By Ryanbonbyan SILVER, Halifax, Other
Ryanbonbyan SILVER, Halifax, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" - Dr. Seuss

To claim “The book of Eli” is an action-packed and solely violent film would be unfair, as this soft centred story not only satisfies the action lovers taste for conflict, but also meets the needs of the more gentle hearted audience. This post-apocalyptic tale will have you silently cheering the hero on his quest.

Denzel Washington plays determined protagonist Eli superbly, although upon reflection with the surprising ending, this could come into question as to weather it was bad acting on Denzel’s part, or could blame be pinned on lesser-known directors the Hughes brothers. Either way, supporting actor Gary Oldman and actress Mila Kunis create a gripping piece with immerses the audience into their story in these harsh times they faced with.

Although tagged with a 15 certificate, the violent scenes could put some viewers off this odd religious tribute, but the inspirational plot, in my eyes, balances this out as it shows that true, pure devotion does not come without reward.

Eli travels alone in a world destroyed by what is hinted at as world war III. He easily disposes of ambushers and bandits, but is presented as a kind and gentle man when not in combat. When he gets to small community run by Carnegie (Gary Oldman), Eli must defend the book in falling to the wrong hands. Carnegie plans on expanding his rule using the book, exploiting the desperate and weak with it’s teachings, twisting it’s words to his will. Solara (Mila Kunis) works for him, as Carnegie holds her mother captive, but runs away with Eli to help him fore fill his quest in travelling West.

Now out on DVD, this would make a great rental for anyone above 15 either for the action or the inspiring moral. Not your typical post-apocalyptic tale, but not Denzel’s best piece; still worth a watch in my opinion.

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