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Speed Racer

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Sweet action scenes, witty remarks, and of course fast races are just a few things to love about Warner Brother’s new movie Speed Racer. With a less than A+ casting, Speed Racer is packed with great acting and special effects. Although I did not grow up watching the Speed Racer cartoon, and never cared much for them, I must say the new Speed Racer movie is amazing.

Speed Racer is about a young man (Speed Racer), who’s family loves to race (imagine that). Speed’s brother Rex was supposedly killed during a race while Speed was just a boy. Speed starts his own career racing, and tries to not be remembered for what his brother did, but still honors his name. Throughout the movie, Speed learns that the real world of racing is corrupt and dirty. Mr. Royalton, a corporate leader in the racing industry, says that there is no way to win unless he is part of a corporation that will fix races. Speed learns that racers he has always looked up to, only won because they bribed and rigged races. After Speed learns this, he decides that he will prove Mr. Royalton wrong, by winning the Grand Prix. To qualify for the Grand Prix, Speed must team with Racer X, who he suspects to be his brother that possibly faked his death. Upon qualifying for the Grand Prix, Racer X reveals (or seems to reveal), that he is not Speeds brother. Speed eventually goes to the Grand Prix and is able to show the world that Royalton’s corporation cheats and fixes races.

When your realize that the directors of Speed Racer are the same directors of The Matrix, it is no wonder that the movie is packed with tons of special effects. The CGI (computer generated imagery) in this movie is truly amazing. The futuristic cars and special effects are almost live like. While the plot of Speed Racer is somewhat bland, it truly makes up for this with its breath-taking CGI, edge of your seat racing scenes, and (although few) fight scenes. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

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