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Across the Universe

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I know that this movie has been out on DVD for almost a month now, but I think that this review should be read, simply because this is such and engaging and interesting movie.

I walked into the theaters to see this one with an open mind. I enjoy the Beatles, but that could go both ways. I might like what they've done with the songs, but they could have ruined them, too. Personally, I think that they did an excellent job. Die hard Beatles fans might consider this movie blasphemy, but I really enjoyed the music in this- and I don't usually like musicals. I must say though, it wasn't near as good as the Beatles, but it was different (the actors do the singing). I go to a movie to watch a movie, not to listen to music, even if it is the Beatles. But the visual effects in this movie are absolutely amazing. I wasn't bored for a second. As for the directing (directed by Julie Taymor), it was... interesting, and amazing. The screenplay was rather good; the acting, for the most part, was better than average. Their take on the Beatles is fun and entertaining, and it makes for a fun treat. The plot isn't great, but this movie isn't about plot, really. It is pure emotion- this movie reminds me why I love movies, and why film making is an art.
If you need a movie to lift you up, or to simply entertain you, this is it! This movie certainly deserved the Golden Globes nomination for best picture that it got. In fact, the people at the Oscars should have dumped the pessimistic, anti-Christian, mess that was There Will Be Blood, and they should have nominated this instead. By far one of the year's best five movies.
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