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One Tree Hill

March 17, 2008
By Anonymous

This is now season 5 and One Tree Hill is back, Finally! It has been 4 years since highschool got out and everyone is well on their career paths. Lucas has published his first book and now has a new girlfriend named Lindsey. They are planning on getting married soon. Payton on the other hand came back from L.A. and still wants Lucas. She is trying to start her own record lable and it has not be easy. Booke owns her own fashion line, her dream come true. Then theres the highschool sweethearts, Nathan and Haley, who had a kid and got married when they were seniors. All of this sounds great, but with all the drama it stris up some tension with eeveryone. Tune in and see what happens on the rest of One Tree Hill, Tuesday Nights 9 o clock on The CW. You won't want to miss the drama.

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