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Step Up

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

No matter what world you come from, dancing could always bring people together. What if a ballet dancer and a hip- hop dancer fell in love? “They came from different worlds, but came to love one another from their passion; dancing.” My opinion on “Step Up” is that it is wonderful. I believe that this movie is at it’s best and nothing could really compare to it’s script, storyline, plot, actors, and especially, the dancing.

When a hip- hop dancer named Tyler Gage, played by Channing Tatum, jokes around with his two friends at the Maryland School of the Arts, they break what would “cost one person’s tuition.” He takes the heat of all three of them and in return he receives two hundred hours as a janitor. As he works throughout the school he meets Nora, the ballet dancer. When her dance partner for their senior piece gets injured, she auditions a bunch of guys to find one guy to rehearse with her until her partner gets back; that person was Tyler. Little does she know, he soon becomes more than just her dance partner.

There are many movies that are similar to “Step Up” but, one movie that I have watched that is similar to “Step Up” is “High School Musical 2.” Even though “Step Up” is not a musical, it consists of a modern teen romance and dancing like “High School Musical 2.” The only main difference between the two movies is the audience. Since there is language, or bad words, in the movie “Step Up” and the movie has a more mature storyline, the audience would most likely be teens and up. Unlike “Step Up”, “High School Musical 2” has no language. Also, it’s storyline would most likely suit maybe early teens, or teens, and down.

In addition to comparing the movie, the good and bad parts are very different. What I believe to be the best part of the movie, is the movie. The plot, storyline, script, actors, singing, and especially the dancing, are all at the top of it’s game. The only bad part of the whole movie would have to be the language. If anyone is uncomfortable with foul language, then I would recommend you to not watch the movie.

In conclusion, the movie is wonderful. I really do believe that even if you are from different worlds, you could come together just from dancing; and that’s what happened in this movie. Again, this movie is wonderful, so I would recommend it to anyone who is no bothered by foul language, but who loves modern teen romance, dance movies.

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