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March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Juno is a movie that is heartwarming, thrilling, and funny. This comedy is a story of a young girl trying to get through her junior year knowing that she is pregnant. Ellen Page plays a great role in the film. She’s hilarious and knows how to have a great time, but at the same tine she still shows the struggle of what it’s like to be pregnant at 16.

Juno is thrilling. This story takes place at a school and a home with a sixteen year old girl Juno (Ellen Page), carrying Paulie Bleeker’s (Michael Cera), child and having to keep the foster parents updated. Juno makes a great choice for having foster parents who aren’t able to have their own child. Juno keeps living her life to the fullest even though she screwed up.

The director, Jason Reitman, makes this story more interesting with his ideas on filming. He takes us to a place that people hope they will never get into. The angles and pictures in this film are outstanding. Reitman shows us the most suspenseful and sad parts in a way that gets us into the movie. He really shows how intense it is for Juno to be pregnant at this time in her life. By adding the music, Reitman makes this story more lovable. It’s gets you into the movie even more.

This heartwarming movie shows teens what life is like when you get in a bad situation. This film is enjoyable for ages 12 and older because the purpose of this movie is something that might be to mature for younger kids and they might not understand. The humor and language is something that little kids shouldn’t be listening to either. This film is a good example for young teen’s of what not to do.

Juno tells her story of hope, tragedy, and suspense. The words and actions in this movie are amazing. This is one of the best films ever made. Juno’s humor is hilarious along with the other characters. This movie is also sad at some points. Juno has to try to get through life like this, and has to know and make the right decisions for her, Paulie, and the baby. This movie really makes young girl teens like me think of what the right choice is. Juno serves a good point in life for all teens, boys and girls.

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