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Mr. Woodcock

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Mr. Woodcock is a hilarious movie! its full of laughter.

Its about a little boy who goes to his school and has a ferocious gym teacher.Farley is the little boys last name and Mr. woodcock always calls his students by there last names! So "Farley" isn't the most fit kid in his class, actually his is rather chubby and Mr. Woodcock makes it noticed!

"Farley" soon grows up and becomes a writer! he writes a book called "Letting go" and it helps many many people. He goes home to see his mother but what does he soon find out? His mother is dating Mr. woodcock! Farley is furious about this and tries to break them up. One night He comes home from the day and his mother is crying! He asks her whats the matter and she says Mr. Woodcock. Farley is thinking that they broke up but NO HE PROPOSED to her! Farley at this point has to brake them up for sure now! He tries every possible thing and sure enough it works!

At the end Farley feels bad for doing such a horrible thing to his mother and gets them back together!

Its a really fun and exciting move! I highly recommend it.

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