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Romeo and Juliet

October 19, 2011
By x_Dianaaa BRONZE, Other
x_Dianaaa BRONZE, Other
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Ever thought “Romeo and Juliet” was so boring? Well, wait till you see the new version! It’s amazing, exciting and a very romantic film about two young people called Romeo and Juliet who fall in love at first sight. Sounds good doesn’t it? But the bad thing is that they are enemies, but they don’t let that stop them from falling in love.

The new version is set on the big and loud streets of Los Angeles. Crowded, noisy and loud, so completely different to the old version (directed by Franco Zeffereli)

The costumes were amazing, I like the fact that Romeo was dressed as a knight in shining armour and Juliet was dressed as a beautiful bright angel, this tells us that Romeo is Juliet’s hero and they fall in love. But Tybalt is dressed as a devil and this tells us that he’s evil and he’s going to try and tear them apart.
My opinion of this action-romance film is I think it’s wonderful; it’s exciting and romantic all at the same time. And even though it’s modern it still has the same dialect of speech in the film. It’s just so different compare to the old version.

If you haven’t seen it yet I think you should go check it out…

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