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April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

In this amazing film about a boy who gets his first car which is “busted up” he eventually realizes that the car is not just a car it’s a robot from a different galaxy where there is non-stop war going on. The robots call themselves “TRANSFORMERS”. They were sent to the planet called Earth to protect the people of evil transformers from destroying any existing thing in our galaxy. In the movie a boy (Shia Labouf) performs an outstanding actor who under goes a life changing experience. Written by Steven Spielberg he did an outstanding job writing the story and making it an awesome action packed film that’s not confusing on bit. The word for this film would be “AWESOME” it’s not only a great comedy action film as I would call it, but also a film that’s fun and enjoyable to watch for all ages. Shia Labouf and his girlfriend play outstanding acting in this film and play excellent by not making the film bad at all. I believe Transformers deserves four if not five stars and academy awards for many things as “Best Film of 2007” or “greatest actor/actress” or maybe “most action packed film of 2007”. The most interesting part in the film for me was when the fought the Robot at the village in Iraq after just recently being attacked at base. Transformers I believe was one of the best movies of the year of 2007. Many people may disagree with me and many people may have not seen it, what if that the case they should go see the movie. TRANSFORMERS best movie of 2007. GO SEE IT.

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