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Thoroughly Modern Millie

May 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Thoroughly Modern Millie is an amazing musical. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a romantic comedy. The beginning of the musical starts of with Millie, a small town girl who travels to New York, bumps into a man named Jimmy. Jimmy quickly falls in love with her, but the love is not returned. Millie gets a job so she can marry the boss and have her money dreams come true. The musical guides the audience through her hilarious attempts to get the boss to ‘notice her’. Her so-called-relationship with him is amusing – his pet name for her is John which she finds romantic. Her workplace offers a large amount of comic relief with her constantly watchful supervisor who clearly makes all the girls there nervous. While working for her boss, she lives in a hotel for actresses. The owner of the hotel is tired of Millie not paying the rent. A California girl who is Millie’s polar opposite, stays at the hotel ends up becoming her best friend. Millie gets caught in-between the love Jimmy gives her and the possibilities of being rich that her boss can give her. The acting, dancing, and singing in the musical is absolutely amazing. Everyone is perfectly synchronized during all the dances, and the harmony with the voices of the actors sounds excellent. The costumes perfectly match the character’s personality and decade of the 1920s. The musical is completely genuine, it even has subtitles above the screen when translation is necessary, along with a few witty ones which make it even more entertaining. The musical never has a dull moment, and it will keep you awake throughout its well-spent 2 and a half hours.

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