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     “A Beautiful Mind” is an engaging Hollywood version of the life and mind of mathematician John Nash.

Starring Russell Crowe as Nash, the film begins with his arrival at Princeton University in 1947 where he settles awkwardly into college life trying to find the “original” idea that will make him “matter.” Finally accomplished and accepted, Nash marries Alicia (Jennifer Connelly), has a son, and begins two successful careers as a professor and a code breaker. Working closely with the Pentagon, Nash deciphers communication by renegade Soviet troops to pinpoint the location of the Soviet atom-bomb as well as its American targets. Unfortunately, only some of this is real; the rest is a delusion due to his disease.

Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Nash receives therapy and is allowed to return home. Telling him that she needs to “believe that something extraordinary is possible,” Alicia encourages Nash to ignore his hallucinations.

Despite its appeal, the film does not portray Nash or accurately represent his disease. The movie eliminates the less attractive threads of his life (such as his divorce and illegitimate child) and ignores some of his earliest and most impressive work. In the film, Nash is also able, unrealistically, to overcome his illness by refusing to acknowledge his delusions.

Despite the misrepresentation, the movie is a frightening and touching story that will have you pushing “play” again as soon as the credits end.

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