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     “Pay It Forward” leads viewers through the life of seventh-grader Trevor McKinney as he enters the tortures of junior high. On his first day, Trevor’s social studies teacher challenges the class to change the world. Trevor takes this challenge on with great determination and decides he will change it by helping three people do something they could not do by themselves. In turn, those three must each help three others until a whole bunch of people are “paying it forward.”

This movie shows how one person can make a difference. Trevor faces some tough situations, including taking care of his alcoholic mother and dealing with an abusive father.

“Pay It Forward” is based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel. Haley Joel Osment plays Trevor while Academy-Award Winners Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt also star.

Anyone can relate to the main message since we all need a helping hand at some point. Also, everyone can lend a helping hand to those in need.

This movie is great to watch by yourself or with others. It is inspiring since it challenges us all to change the world.

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