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By Anonymous

     I only have one word to say about this film: How?! How can you have a cast with so many great actors and end up with a movie this bad? How can you follow one of the greatest movies in recent years with a movie like this? How am I supposed to sit in a theater and watch this?

First, let’s look at “Ocean’s Eleven” to see what a flop “Twelve” is. Okay, they add Catherine Zeta-Jones for some spice but then decide to put her in the movie for 30 minutes speaking a total of 10 words. Next, make Julia Roberts more important. Here’s an idea: come up with the least creative piece of writing ever and have someone say that Julia Roberts, playing Tess Ocean, looks exactly like Julia Roberts.

Okay, so we’ve got noncreative writing, and not enough screen time for the good-looking women, what now? Let’s make the audience watch 90 minutes of a heist involving the fake theft of an item they already have.

Take note that in “Ocean’s Eleven” there was an elaborate diversion for an elaborate heist, while in “Ocean’s Twelve,” they have a two-hour diversion for a heist that takes 30 seconds. The movie has about 30 minutes of boredom followed by two minutes of excitement, which they mistakenly thought would keep the audience interested.

And predictable? Every plot break in the movie could be seen from a mile away. You’ve got people’s moms and dads switching all over the place. I felt like I was watching a soap opera on the big screen.

I highly suggest catching another movie instead of this one. “Ocean’s Twelve” isn’t worth your time or money, let alone the millions it cost to make.

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