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     “Rocky,” a so-called classic, is directed by John Avildsen and is a sports/romance flick. It won three Academy Awards in 1976, including Best Picture.

Rocky is a slightly doltish amateur boxer from a rough Philadelphia neighborhood who gets the chance to fight for the heavyweight title. At the same time, he’s falling in love with a shy woman who works in a pet store.

Although the boxing is quite unrealistic at times, you really find yourself rooting for Rocky. This movie has its share of problems with the acting, though. Stallone’s accent is difficult to understand (as are other characters’). The end of the movie has both Rocky and Apollo Creed so beat up and grotesque that you feel compelled to look away.

I would not say that “Rocky” deserves to be called a classic, but you can’t call it awful because even though most people won’t admit it, you do cheer for Rocky. I give it two stars out of five but it is better than its sequels.

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