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By Anonymous

     “Spanglish,”starring Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni, is a heart-warming film filled with drama, romance and comedy. It isn’t just another “chick flick,” either, and is entertaining for all.

Flor (Paz Vega) and her daughter moved to the U.S. from Mexico in search of a better life. After working the same low-paying jobs for nine years, Paz decides to venture out of her “comfort zone.” She wants to find a higher-paying job and so becomes a housekeeper for the Clasky family.

John Clasky (Sandler), a gourmet chef and his wife, Deborah, an incredibly insecure woman, live with their children and Deborah’s mother. There is only one major problem: Flor doesn’t speak English and the family doesn’t know Spanish.

The only drawback to the movie is that it takes some twists and turns that aren’t really necessary. However, the movie touches all of your emotions. It makes you anxious for a sequel, so you can keep that good feeling going. “Spanglish” is definitely a movie you will want to add to your video collection.

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