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Based on a Disney ride (a strange andseemingly foolish origin for a movie), "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curseof the Black Pearl" is a refreshing and fun movie. It is perhaps the onlycreative movie that was released last summer.

The story follows theadventures of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), a blacksmith madly in love with thebeautiful Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly), a governor's daughter. He cannotdeclare his love because of their class difference.

When he was in hisearly teens, a ship on which Elizabeth was a passenger rescued him from the seaafter an attack by pirates. Elizabeth noticed a pirate medallion around his neckand took it from him to keep him out of trouble. This was the root of theirfuture problems.

Years later, Will is a practiced swordsman andblacksmith, but he is not the only man with eyes for Elizabeth. CommodoreNorrington, a British naval officer, proposes to Elizabeth. Due to a humorouscircumstance, she cannot reply and falls into the sea. Captain Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp), a swashbuckling, nutty pirate rescues her, only to threaten herlife in an attempt to escape arrest by the authorities. Will and Jack square offin a funny, yet skillful duel. With help from an inconspicuous drunk, Jack iscaught. Surprisingly clever and entertaining adventures ensue.

Depp andBloom capture the screen with hilarious scenes and charismatic acting, whileKeira Knightly easily pulls off the role of a lovable heroine up to her neck introuble. Though the movie is just over two hours, the great special effects,twisted plot and star cast keep the audience's interest. Fighting skeletonsbring back the old "battle of dead pirates" cliché, but doubleand triple crosses make the story delightful and unique. Depp, again taking on astrange role, is perfect as the slightly insane captain.

Some events seema bit idiotic, such as fighting to the death against immortal pirates for commandof a ship, but can be overlooked.

"Pirates" is not only a greatpirate movie, but also a comedic and romantic one, though the romance isinterrupted by unlikely but amusing occurrences. As I heard one young moviegoersay, "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun, a pirate's life's for me!"

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