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By Anonymous

   PaulThomas Anderson is among the foremost up-and-coming filmmakers in America, andhis latest film, "Punch-Drunk Love," does nothing to disprovethat.

This is the engaging story of a socially inept small-business owner,Barry Egan (Adam Sandler). Tortured by loneliness and the constant torment of hissisters, Barry collects pudding to earn frequent flyer miles. One day he meetsLena Leonard (Emily Watson), a woman just as coy as he, and the two hit it off,falling in love almost instantly. Barry first, though, must overcome his pastmistakes.

"Punch-Drunk Love" is best described as gloriouslyquirky; it is unlike any other movie. Sandler's performance brings him newfoundrespect in the acting community, while Watson hits her role dead on. The movie'sbeautiful visuals and direction make this an all-around amazing film. DirectorAnderson has reached new heights in creating original and beautiful cinema, and Ican only imagine what he will come up with next.

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i love this so much!