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By Anonymous

   Assequels go, "The Santa Clause 2" is pretty good. It isn't a blandremake of the first movie, and while some jokes are a bit tired, there are alsoplenty of new, funny ones. Though geared for younger children, and ratherpredictable, I did enjoy it.

The movie begins just before Christmas,several years after Scott (Tim Allen) became Santa Claus. As if the pressures offilling last minute toy orders and making sure everything runs smoothly aren'tenough, Scott learns that his son, Charlie, has been acting up at school and, asa result, has been placed on the naughty list.

While trying to decidewhat to do, two elves inform Scott that if he doesn't find a wife by ChristmasEve (28 days away), he won't be able to be Santa Claus anymore. Although Scottnow has two reasons to leave the North Pole and go home, he has no one to takecare of things while he is gone. Again, the elves come to the rescue. Using a toymachine, they duplicate Scott. This seems a perfect solution, and Scott leavesconfident that everything is under control.

The first order of business isgetting Charlie straightened out. Scott and Charlie's principal, Carol Newman,once enemies, become allies, and soon, become more than just friends. But canScott convince Carol that he is Santa Claus?

If you like cute holidaymovies and have a younger sibling who believes in Santa, you might want to takethem to see this one.

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