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   "One Hour Photo" is what one might callpicture perfect. With superb acting, beautiful direction and an engagingstoryline, it is one of the best films of the year. It is the story of Seymour"Sy" Parish (Robin Williams), a lonely manager of a photo lab whobecomes obsessed with a seemingly perfect family.

Nina (Connie Nielsen)and Will (Michael Vartan) Yorkin have had Sy develop their photos since they weremarried. Sy has followed their lives, including the birth of their son, Jakob(Dylan Smith), and even calls himself Uncle Sy. He has accumulated an unnaturalcollection of their photos which he tapes to his wall as a type of shrine.

Sy frequently steps out of his monotonous life into a glamorous dreamworld where the Yorkins have adopted him. The trouble begins when Sy decides tomake his dreams a reality, stalking the family and trying to fix Will's recentinadequacies as a father.

"One Hour Photo" comes off as awonderful piece of cinema with virtually no flaws. The cast's magnificent actingis only outshone by Williams himself, who gives the best performance of hiscareer. Williams is able to depict the creepiness of his character while makingthe audience almost feel sorry for him. Other highlights include beautifulphotography and a gripping score that laces through the whole movieexquisitely.

Overall, "One Hour Photo" takes the typical stalkermovie and raises it to a higher level of cinematic excellence. The Oscar race hastruly begun with "One Hour Photo" leading the way.

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