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By Anonymous

   Sometimesgreat films have left directors and actors with the feeling of,"Wow, this was successful, let's milk it." This kind ofthinking has created some of the most mediocre sequels. Loose storylinesthat alter messages from the original and new characters who don't fitcan destroy a sequel in an attempt to make more money for the movieexecutives.

"The Mummy Returns" avoids these problems.This film not only complements the original, but also ties up some looseends. The same dynamite cast takes jokes and roles that sometimes seemredundant in other films and makes them funny again.

Since"The Mummy" was a huge success in 1999, it was a given thatthe star, Brendan Fraser, would sign on for the sequel. His consistentportrayal of the heroic and very comedic Rick O'Connell makes the sequeleven better.

Returning along with the actors are the directorsand special effects masters. The beautiful imagery is retuned, makingstructures from 3000 B.C. pristine for the retelling of the myths andlegends at the beginning and end of the film. With even more advancedcomputer-generated imagery and beautifully detailed set design, ancientEgypt is brought to life once again for "The Mummy Returns."

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