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By Anonymous

   Have you ever seen a movie where every time you see it,you catch another funny part you hadn't noticed before? "Dr. Dolittle2" is just that type of movie. If you liked the first movie, just wait tillyou see this one. "Dr. Dolittle 2" stars Eddie Murphy as John Dolittle,who is trying to save a forest full of animals with the help of abear.

Raven-Symoné plays Dr. Dolittle's daughter. She thinks herdad is crazy because he talks to animals, and they have a difficult time gettingalong (especially when he finds out she has a boyfriend). His wife, Lisa (KristenWilson), also gets fed up with the animals always being around and Dr. Dolittle'sconversations with them.

Dr. Dolittle and his family go camping in theforest because he wants to save the home of an endangered species. The forest isbeing threatened by an evil logging mogul and his scheming lawyer.

Withall the funny personalities the animals have, you'll never want the movie to end.I recommend it to everyone.

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i love this so much!