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By Anonymous

   I recently pulled"Pulp Fiction" out of my very small video collection - I don'tbuy movies unless they truly impress me. As I sat through the film andrecited the lines, I laughed at the same parts I had many times beforeand at subtle jokes I hadn't caught before. That's the sign of a goodmovie: it entertains no matter how many times you watchit.

"Pulp Fiction" has stood the test of time. Sinceits release in 1994, it has become a must-see. It has the greatest castever assembled, including John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman,Ving Rhames, Christopher Walken and Bruce Willis. Needless to say, theacting is superb.

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino,"Pulp Fiction" has lots of action. Willis plays a worn-outprizefighter desperate for money. Travol-ta and Jackson are hit men. Asthe characters' paths cross, anything can, and does, happen. MarsellusWallace (Rhames), the boss of Vincent Vega (Travolta) and JulesWinnfield (Jackson), convinces boxer Butch Coo-lidge (Willis) to throw afight in exchange for payment, but Butch has his own ideas. He wins thefight and accidentally kills his contender. The rich plot evolves as thehit men search for Butch. With explosive action, including a robbery, adrug overdose and murder, "Pulp Fiction" will hold yourattention as the plot twists, turns and twists some more.

Ihighly recommend this movie to anyone needing a distraction fromeveryday life, and that's everyone. Whether it's your first orfifty-first time watching "Pulp Fiction," you'll beentertained.

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