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By Anonymous

   This is a great movie for those who like car chases! Irented it not knowing what to expect. I was shocked to see that it wasactually pretty good. I wasn't expecting this since there wasn't muchinformation on it.

"Ronin" takes place in France andstars Robert De Niro. The movie consists of a few really good chasescenes. I love chase scenes because I like to see what the film-makersdo with these stunts. In the best chase, they had cars racing throughoncoming traffic on a highway, which was really cool.

For thoseof you who just can't get enough chase scenes in movies, this is a must.You may want to rent it to see if you like the rest of the movie, but Ithink you'll be sold on the chase scenes. Oh, and don't try this athome.

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i love this so much!