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   When you think of Count Dracula, what actor comes to mind? For me,it is Bela Lugosi in Universal's 1931 serious horror movie"Dracula." In this movie, Lugosi delivers thepivotal performance that launched him into stardom, drainedthe blood from the faces of audiences and forever made himCount Dracula. Using his naturally thick Eastern Europeanaccent and his stage experience, he masterfully makes CountDracula come alive, so to speak, on the silverscreen.

With well-cast supporting actors, thestorytelling is very effective with no particular charactertoo overbearing.

This movie leaves most violence eithersuggested, or to the imagination, while recent versions ofStoker's classic tale rely heavily on special effects.Lugosi's Dracula makes you imagine him animalistically bitingthe throat of his next victim, or Professor Van Helsingdriving the fatal stake through Dracula's heart. Newer moviesdisplay the blood-dripping gore for all to see, which providesthe shock value element typical of special effects. In myopinion, suggested violence, while not as "cool" asgore, is almost always more effective because everyone'simagination depicts the most horrible picture one's mind canmuster.

Bela Lugosi is not alone with his scare abilityin this picture. Dwight Frye, who plays the "stronglyinfluenced" Renfield, portrays insanity in a veryconvincing manner.

With the use of seed statements,deadpan silences and clever lighting, I give"Dracula" an A+. It is a must for the horror moviegenre enthusiast, Lugosi fan or anyone who wants to see acalmly violent, passionately terrifying and well-performedmovie.

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