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   Director Steve Zallian put forth a great effortwith "A Civil Action." Produced by Rachel Pfeffer,Robert Redford and Scott Rudin, this film captured the essenceof a thrilling crime story. The movie stars John Travolta,Robert Duvall, John Lithgow, William H. Macy, Kathleen Quinlanand Tony Shalhoub. It is an engaging film too exciting tomiss.

Travolta plays a greedy lawyer whose attitudechanges. He shows his amazing acting ability with this changeduring the film, which tells the story of 12 children who diefrom leukemia after drinking town water. Travolta takes thecase in hopes of a large profit. But during the pre-trial, hebegins to feel compassion for them and ends up losingeverything to fight for the children and their devastatedparents. John Lithgow plays the judge, who is strict, butfair.

"A Civil Action" is full of brilliantactors who present well-developed characters. You become veryinvolved in the story. Actually, and unfortunately, the storyis true, which further captivates those watching. It is agenuine and heartfelt film with real meaning.

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