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By Anonymous

   Robin Williams is known for his light-hearted humor and constant joking. We recognize him from comedies such as "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Jack," "Toys" and "Hook" - all geared toward children. His latest serious role in "Good Will Hunting" got him nominated for an Academy Award. I went to "What Dreams May Come" with several expectations. From the previews, I had the idea this was a creative film with an interesting outlook on heaven. I was also expecting Robin Williams to use the genre of "comedy," as he usually does. I did not get what I expected.

This movie can only be classified as sad. Williams attempted a comedic approach but, in my opinion, it did little for the film. Let me give a brief summary. It begins with a man and a woman who are deeply in love and "soul mates." They meet in a beautiful countryside and consequently get married and have two kids. Then, tragedy strikes this loving bunch when the kids die in a car accident. Four years later, the dad (Robin Williams) gets killed while attempting to help people in a car wreck. The three all go to heaven and eventually meet. The mom is very depressed and commits suicide. I thought she would go to heaven and they would all meet. I was wrong. Apparently, all suicides go to hell. The rest of the movie follows the dad trying to get the mom out of hell. The movie has a predictable ending. While this movie was sad, I liked it because it offered an interesting and intriguing outlook on heaven. Three stars.

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