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   Reality Bites

Reality Bites stars Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke. It is about four people in their early twenties living together and how they deal with life after college. Ryder's character, Lehana, wants to be a movie producer, but works as a "gopher" on a talk show set instead. She videotapes the lives of her three roommates to make a documentary.

Hawke's character, Troy, goes from job to job without really finding what he wants. There is tension in the movie because the chemistry between Hawke and Ryder is so great, yet they spend most of the movie avoiding each other.

Reality Bites really gets the audience involved as we see the joys and tragedies of these four people. We see the other two roommates when one tries to tell his mother that he is gay and the other one goes for an AIDS test.

This movie would probably appeal more to the teen to late 20s crowd because they can relate. But Ethan Hawke's singing debut will probably appeal to most. .

Review by N. B., Marlboro, MA<

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i love this so much!