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   "Nuns on the Run" was a pleasant surprise. Don't be turned off by a slightly corny title; it is a delight to watch. Former Monty Python member Eric Idle does his best in this film as Brian, a love-struck, would-be criminal. He is supported by an absorbing, talented, British cast, including his hilarious, chubby, partner-in-crime Charley, and the strong man from Baron Munchausen who said "I want to do small and dainty things," portraying a tooth-flossing crook. Apart from the fabulous nunnery and chase scenes providing numerous knee-slappers, which are accompanied by a vibrant musical score, Brian is inevitably caught up in a romance with a clumsy, blind beauty.

"Nuns is fun, but it is more than that. It provides wacky, but sometimes insightful, and definitely humorous views on love, life, crime and religion.

There's really not much we can say about this frolicking farce except go see it. We did . . . twice in the movie theater and now that it is out on video, we'll rent it.

But first, a few words of advice: Rent this movie with one or more (preferably many) friends, and be sure you are in a quite silly mood (don't expect anything serious), and third: have a good time with this British flick. Follow these guide lines (and maybe have a large Coke for that sugar high which makes you real happy for an hour and a half), and you'll be set to get a kick out of "Nuns on the Run." n

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i love this so much!