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Poison: "A Sight For Sore Ears" MAG

By Anonymous

   Well, they did it. They finally did it! The Poison guyz finally came out with their long-awaited home video, "Sight For Sore Ears." Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!!! Every minute of this video is explosive high energy fun! It includes every video from their killer albums, "Look What The Cat Dragged In" (my personal favorite) and "Open Up And Say ...Ahh."

To show how great these guys really are, they put in an extra video of the guyz and galz that make the show work, the Poison road crew. The road crew shows their stuff set to the fun song (my personal favorite from "Open Up And Say ...Ahh"), "Good Love."

To top it off, sexy lead singer Bret Michaels (without girlfriend Suzy Hutton, breathe easy, girls!) talks about how it was to grow up with diabetes. Bret also talks about awesome drummer Rikki Rocket, fun-frenzied guitarist C.C. Deville and Bobby Dall,intense bumping, thumping raven-haired bass player (without his wife Michelle, breathe easy again, girls!)

These guyz have proven that not only do they have the strikingly good looks and great moves. The Poison guyz have shown that under the make-up and the glitz there is a real talent.

My only complaint is that Bobby and C.C. didn't talk and that it wasn't long enough!!!

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i love this so much!

on Jun. 26 2009 at 7:58 am
i love Bret Michaels along with the other band members