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February 27, 2009
By Jared Dauman GOLD, Chappaqua, New York
Jared Dauman GOLD, Chappaqua, New York
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There’s usually nothing worse than adults trying to portray what it’s like to be a teenager. When friends of my family took me to see the Broadway musical “13” as a birthday gift, I was polite but skeptical. However, the show, with its cast of teenagers, renders a realistic chronicle of events that most adolescents can relate to. At the same time, the writers keep “13” fascinating and totally entertaining for adults. Usually it is a difficult task to engage both teens and adults in one show, but “13” does an amazing job through the plot and music.

The story begins in New York City where Evan is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. His parents are going through a nasty divorce, which is turning his life upside down. He stays positive with thoughts of his upcoming party. However, Evan soon finds out that he and his mother are moving to a rural town in Indiana. As his world and the set collapse, we find ourselves with Evan as he explores his new home. He makes a new friend, Patrice, who lives next door. When school begins, his friendship becomes complicated as Evan tries to join the cool group who view Patrice as “weird.” As more conflicts arise, the ­realistic plot takes the audience on the thrill ride that is a teenager’s life.

The cast and orchestra are made up entirely of adolescents. This is a very unique ­aspect of the show and really adds to the credibility of the plot. All the members of the cast were not only into their characters, but also into the show and clearly having a good time. When you have a vibrant group like that, it draws the ­audience in.

The music is so upbeat that I found myself humming the final song the next day. However, it was the lyrics that I most enjoyed. They not only tell the story, but also are filled with ­hilarious jokes, important messages, and ideas relevant to all.

There was only one part of “13” that hit a low for me. One character, Archie, has a terminal illness and has to use crutches to walk. At different times, the show uses his disability to trick someone into doing something he or she shouldn’t have. This benefits him and sometimes other characters too. Even though Archie is always part of the trickery, I feel the show still makes a joke out of his illness.

Overall, I really enjoyed “13.” Its plot and characters keep command over the audience, entertaining all. The show is full of funny lines and musical numbers that bring down the house in roars of laughter. However, a realistic picture of an adolescent’s life prevails through the comedy. I recommend “13” to anyone who is looking for an amazing meal of a story, complete with a generous dollop of laughs, and a ­delectable dessert of a cast that leaves the audience stuffed.

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