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Bruno Mars / Anderson .Paak / Silk Sonic “Leave the Door Open”

March 27, 2021
By Anonymous

Bruno Mars / Anderson .Paak / Silk Sonic “Leave the Door Open”


          Bruno Mars’ last album 24K Magic had many enticing and intriguing parts to it. The vocals of Bruno enhance the album and make it his own unique style. With this being said, Bruno Mars’ latest single Leave the Door Open with Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic is a mix of Bruno’s talent with some soul. The song opens to Anderson .Paak’s voice, singing many interesting and dramatic lines. Bruno’s part makes it a masterpiece, instead of a good song. Bruno’s lyrics and vocals, make the song one of a kind.

          Leave the Door Open released with an intro track to go alongside. Anderson .Paak shows great talent by singing in his two verses in the song, instead of his usual rapping. The song shows older vibes and music techniques in many areas. But, Bruno’s voice changes that fairly quickly. Bruno hits several falsettos and does it with passion. His voice has a smokey tone and gives off that soul vibe. The beat and soundtrack from Silk Sonic makes the song in my opinion. I feel that although Bruno’s and Anderson’s parts were fantastic, the beat makes it a hit. The bit makes it catchy and makes the listener engaged more in the upbeat song.

          Compared to Bruno’s older music, this is a different vibe and genre in my opinion. But, he conjoins this type of music with his usual notes and singing passion. Anyone who normally listens to any Bruno Mars music, would enjoy this song. I would say that if you really enjoy his older music that had more of a pop influence, then it may take a few listens to actually like the song. Near the end of the song, Bruno and the others sing, “la,la,la” , and make it an absolutely great song. The ending is so unique and gives the song a completely different attitude and meaning. In my opinion, Bruno Mars’s music is for anyone who likes a catchy song to sing along to and have a happy atmosphere. Although many of his songs are about love, including this one, they still have a cliche happy ending most of the time.

          Basically, I would recommend this song to anyone. And I think that is what is so great about Mars's music. He writes and sings it in a way where any age person would enjoy. With a catchy beat and melody, everybody will want to sing along.

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