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Confide by Confide

December 11, 2009
By Teextormentr GOLD, Congers, New York
Teextormentr GOLD, Congers, New York
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Confide, a hardcore act originating from Los Angeles, California, has recently made a name for themselves through the use of MySpace and the bands in which they have been touring with. Formed in 2004, they started off with releasing two EPs, “Innocence Surround” and “Introduction.” Their first full length was not released until June 2008. It was titled “Shout the Truth” and was produced by label Science Records. After the release of their debut video “If We Were a Sinking Ship,” in late 2008, they were signed onto Tragic Hero Records. This led to big tours around the United States for the young band. In 2009, they announced a rerelease of their first full length, “Shout the Truth.” But, this would contain 3 bonus tracks. One in which was the very popular cover of the song “Such Great Heights”, originally performed by the band, The Postal Service. After the release, they headlined a tour alongside other bands of their genre. I came across this band while browsing the “Recommended for you” area on YouTube. The first video I saw of theirs was Such Great Heights. I instantly had to have it on my iPod. I would non stop play it for weeks. I soon realized that I was not alone. It had become a phenomenon across my range of friends. Remember, the genre in which Confide belongs to is one that is hard to adjust to or like. But, for those that enjoy this music or something like it, will find searching up Confide as something worth doing.

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