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October 5, 2007
By Anonymous


In 2005 a new British rock band burst onto the music scene in New York City. Going relatively unnoticed by the mass of kids blasting rap through their speakers, Arckid has become a band worthwhile to listen to. With members Royston Langdon, Christian Langdon, and Jonny Cragg, formarly known as the group Spacehog, the band has recorded eight songs including “Disguise My Youth”, “Germany”, and “I’ll Stick Around”, for which they just filmed their first video.

The music is influenced by such artists as David Bowie and T. Rex, yet in select songs, such as “Disguise My Youth” there is a unique reggae beat similar to the band RANCID. With unique guitar riffs and creative lyrics, Arckid is worthy of fan’s attention.

The band has recently played shows at Hyde Park in London, with Royston’s father-in-law, frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and at the Lollapalooza in Chicago last August.
With each song having a different musical feel to it, Arckid is bound to make an impression on the rock world in New York City and hopefully expand across the country.

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