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Eve - First Lady Ruff Ryder MAG

By Anonymous

   The newest addition to the Ruff Ryderfamily, Eve, has just come out with "First Lady RuffRyder." The CD hit the Billboard charts at number onethis fall, which no other female rapper has done.

The 20-year-old artist raps about growing up in Philadelphia,the obstacles in her way and what she did to get where she isnow. Eve was on Dr. Dre's label for eight months before shesigned with Ruff Ryders.

For those who don't know whothe Ruff Ryders are, let me fill you in. The Ruff Ryders are arap label. They are all hard-core underground rappers. Thereis one group of three, the other six Ryders are allsolo.

The Ruff Ryders' all-male family didn't havefaith in Eve until she came out with the single, "WhatY'all Want." Then they started calling her the firstlady.

The album is hot; pick it up today. Every artisthas their 15 minutes to shine, but the blonde bombshell,Philly native is nowhere near finished.

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i love this so much!