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   On her third album, "Captain Swing," Michelle Shocked has successfully transferred her folk/bluegrass style to a big-band sound. She is not timid or self-conscious as she bravely steps into a new musical field, a rarity for most artists as they make daring experiments. "God is a Real Estate Developer" is the strongest song in this set, boasting an exuberant chorus and a powerful horn section. "Looks Like Mona Lisa" is another excellent track, and "Streetcorner Ambassador" is Michelle Shocked at her finest.

The snappy rhythm of this song is blended perfectly with the bluesy chorus, "Can you spare a little change?"

This album has its flaws ("Cement Lament" sounds contrived and goofy - but maybe it was meant to sound that way?), yet the fun sound and musicianship overcome the few technical weaknesses. The album may confuse (or even turn off) hard-core fans who are used to the acoustic strumming of "The Texas Campfire Tapes" or the Southern folk style of "Short Sharp Shocked." However, Michelle Shocked must be given credit for undertaking this change and for producing a successful musical experiment.

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i love this so much!