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Top Chef

March 24, 2009
By gosebmaster SILVER, West Hills, California
gosebmaster SILVER, West Hills, California
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Whether it is just another quick fire challenge or the elimination round, Top Chef will have your taste buds awake and running. This show provides a variety of different meats, vegetables, and fruits that are all assembled together by the contestants to make yet another unique dish.
Featuring judges Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi, and Tom Colicchio, Top Chef is never the same by always bringing in a guest judge with a different perspective and different tips.
Each elimination challenge has its own quirks and the contestants are always experiencing difficulties that the viewer finds exciting. Elimination challenges such as Restaurant Wars or cooking for a Foo Fighters concert attracts more viewers and also improves the performance of the contestants.
The thing that bothers most viewers is that they always show the brands of the products they use. They tell us to use a specific brand of plastic bags and not another. That does get annoying after a while but that is how the show gets funded.
Top Chef is a great show to watch for the food, the culture, and the humor. Enjoy!

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