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For the Gleeks

November 17, 2010
By 703mmc BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
703mmc BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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In just a year “Glee” has become a huge phenomenon. Tons of people I know are “Gleeks” meaning they are addicted to the TV show. The people I know like “Glee” for all sorts of reasons. There is a friend who likes the show because it inspires her. There is a friend who likes the show because it makes her feel like she belongs. There is a friend who likes the show because it never fails to make her happy. I like “Glee” for the same reasons my friends do.
For those who don’t know, the show is about a group of teenagers in a high school glee club pretty much. The show takes many different stereotypes and throws them all together in one club. There is the diva girl who is annoying as heck. They have the jock with the soft heart. There is also a gay boy who is proud of who he is. They have the bad boy and the snotty cheerleader to go along with them. They also have a shy, gothic girl and a paralyzed boy in a wheelchair. There is a character that almost any person can relate to in some sort of way. “Glee” makes the outcasts feel special.
That isn’t the only reason to like this TV show though. It takes generations of music and puts them all together. In one episode they could have a song that is currently playing on our favorite radio station and a song from 1940. The show introduces teenagers to songs from years ago that they might actually like. If teenager’s parents watch the show with them, then they also hear music that is being played today. “Glee” has covered countless songs. They have songs to listen to when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re alone, when we’re mad, and even when we feel like dancing.
“Glee” is truly inspiring. It tells us to go after our dreams no matter how huge and difficult they may seem. If our dream is to end up on Broadway, then “Glee” tells us to go after it. If our dream is to be a professional dancer, then do it. It actually does make us feel like we’re not alone. It makes us feel good to be unique. “Glee” says that being unique is good because it makes us different. Being different is good because that makes us our own people. It actually makes some people realize that people are the way they are for a reason, so we shouldn’t just exclude them or mock them. I would definitely recommend “Glee” to any person.

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