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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Five friends, and one coffee house, who’d thought it, could become one of the greatest shows on the air. Five friends living in New York City, together go through life’s triumphs. However there’s never a dull moment. It is currently shown as reruns on the Fox network at 11:00 pm every night. The TV sit com Friends is an outstanding show because of the phenomenal writing, believable real life acting, and the realistic every day problems.

Whether its Phoebe telling her boyfriend how to propose to her or Joey wearing women’s under wear your guarantied a laugh. This is all a result of the talented writers. They always have the funniest interactions between the characters. The problems always relate to real life in some way of another. Like on a recent episode were Rachel’s sister kept forgetting her babies name

The acting of the show is second to none. The talented cast is sure to keep you gasping for breath. The way they can play off each other is remarkable. Like Rachel’s reaction to her sister piercing Rachel’s baby’s ears. The characters performances seem to portray every circle friends known to man. You’ve got the sensitive Ross, Ditsy Rachel , the tree hugging Phoebe, the smart lack Chandler, and the over completive Monica. The
acting is flat out hilarious and unpredictable.

There award winning plot is sure to keep you thinking. You remain on the edge of your coach until the punch line strikes. However the punch lines aren’t scary or sad.
In fact they’re quite predictable. Never the less you’re going to laugh because they’re flat out hilarious. The problems that come from Chandler’s smart lack remarks are just an example of how funny it can be. You never know whose going to be asking out next or ruin the surprise. For instance when chandler told Monica that phoebes boy friend was going to propose to her, Monica turned around and told phoebe. The problems that arise can easily be identified by anyone, even younger buckaroos. Personally I believe that this is what kept the show going for so many seasons.

Friends is an exceptional show because of the fantastic writing, realistic acting, and the knee slapping plot. I would strongly recommend that every one watch this show. I also Recommend That Fox keeps it on the air

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