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Full House

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Don’t miss out on a true Full House of fun, laughs, and excitement! Check your local listings for when you can view your new favorite show on Nick at Night, “Full House.” You will soon find out why the struggles of one family of six in a small house in San Francisco could be so funny. From an interesting plot, to amazing characters, to the superb writing, “Full House” is one of the best shows out there!

The plot is different for every episode, but is always funny. Problems go from boyfriend or girlfriend trouble, to a hard day at work, or even how to take care of the kids. The problems will always keep your interest as all six of the family make sacrifices to make this full house work.

The characters are one of the shows best qualities. Such as, Danny, the father of the three girls is a worry wart and a neat freak; Jesse, is the girls cool, biker uncle who is totally obsessed with his hair; Joey has no relations to any of them but is an extremely comical friend. Then there is the three girls who are all in different stages of life, struggling to grow up without their mother.

The writing is also a key part and makes the show very interesting because of how it puts the characters in many different situations and ends up incorporating every character to make it even more interesting. It is funny to watch how they each handle it, and laugh at each of their mistakes. The writing ends up being like the backbone of the entire show.

If you want to see the most interesting plot, great acting, and funny interactions, then don’t miss out! Make up your mind right now! Just remember to save thirty minutes for the greatest show that you have ever seen. You will be happy you did.

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