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Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever wanted to live a normal life and be a famous singer all at the same time? Well if you have you should go watch Hannah Montana on the Disney channel it comes on every night at 7. It stars Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and she also plays Miley Stewart. Billy ray Cyrus plays Miley’s dad and Hannah’s dad also. Hannah Montana is the greatest Disney show because it has twist and turns through the whole show, the characters are amazing, and the acting is really good.

Hannah Montana is a famous singer. But is also a normal teenage girl names Miley who try’s to keep that she is Hannah Montana on the down low. Only her family and friends (lily and Oliver) know she is Hannah. Through the whole show you are like whoa how can she live this normal life and be a famous singer at the same time and barely know one knows about it. But for her its seems easy but it really isn’t she wants to tell people she is Hannah but then she would ruin her normal life. It’s unbelievable how she hides it from all the people at her high school.

In her normal life everyone calls her Miley, know one knows her as Hannah but they call her Hannah only when she is wearing her blond wig. She has an older brother in the show named Jackson Stewart. Her dad name is Robby ray Stewart and two best friends known as Lily and Oliver. They all work so well together on the show. They all act like there family, they joke around with each other all the time.

If I had to play a role like Miley Cyrus I don’t think I could do it. In the show you some times forget that is Hannah Montana and just a normal girl. When she is playing Hannah you forget that she is also Miley. It also would be hard to work with your real dad on set. But she works really well with him as of what I can tell. They have very good chemistry all of the characters do.

Greatest show ever is Hannah Montana because the plot of the show is always different, the characters are very good together, and the acting is unbelievable. So remember ext time you have nothing to do and it’s close to 7 o’clock turn to the Disney channel and check out Hannah Montana. I know if you you’re a girl you will absolutely fall in love with this show, I know I did. I know you all will love it.

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