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Super Mario Odyssey - a video game review

January 5, 2022
By Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
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Nintendo has always been the best in business at franchising brilliant and creative open worlds with sandbox playgrounds. Placing its moustachioed mascot at the helm of its greatest titles, each new entry carries with it an expectation of a new frenzy to begin. So how does one compete with itself?

Nintendo who has written a love letter to this game , brought back everything that has come before it. And with that , let’s-a-go!

Above all else , super Mario odyssey is refined. It generously doles out a variety of new kingdoms and worlds to explore , while effortlessly cycling from one deviously charming enemy and a unique gameplay idea to the next. It’s collection of open-world kingdoms is varied and broad, and sometimes clearly inspired by Mario 64. With redefined expectations for 3D games at large, the odyssey outpaces it at every turn. It’s environments are bigger and some of the most interesting ever seen in a Mario game. Just wait until you lay your eyes on Bowser’s elaborate, Japanese-styled temple fortress. All of the extra space is actually quite invaluable, as the dense layers of challenges and rewards justifies every building and landmass you encounter.

Your overall mission in the game is to save princess peach from “tying the knot” with Bowser. And where the showstopper comes in is when Mario arrives at the right time to save Peach from getting engaged to Bowser. With taking a surprising turn , the journey all begins with the ultimate hunt for power moons. These are mostly the Odyssey’s version of the series’ power up stars, which are then rewarded for feats big and small alike. Acquiring a moon in the game can test your platforming skills once in a while , but it can also entail quirky activities like answering trivia questions from sphinx or exploring your surroundings with a friendly pup , who is usually located in different kingdoms. From boss battles to tossing your hat onto a peculiar piece of architecture you can readily stumble onto new moons everywhere. So, as long as you can always constantly shift your perspective on the whimsical-themed world and to engage in possibilities as they come into view.

You’re guided through all of this by Cappy , Mario’s new sidekick: a fellow cap from the kingdom Bonneton, who helps Mario to save princess peach alongside his sister Tiara ; who are both under Bowser’s clutches. Cappy is content to be resting atop on Mario’s head, but when you spot another character, friend or foe , you can simply throw him onto their head to take over their body and to put their unique skills to use. The selection of about 52 capturing things span the likes of goombas and bullet-bills , pokios or chain-chomps with unexpected hits like bumping into a Christmas tree or bonking into a neon slab of meat.

In super Mario odyssey, each kingdom is packed with clever objectives, gorgeous visuals, stellar soundtracks and a huge variety of ways to have fun. With this, the odyssey brings us a Mario sunshine outfit, with highlighting Mario 64. So thank you Nintendo, for always remembering where you came from.

To anyone who loves a good, classic of Super Mario I would definitely recommend this game.                                                                                                                                     Ela

The author's comments:

For all Nintendo lovers, this video game review owes a special thank you to Mr. Miyamoto for creating such a staggering game!

Shout out to Mario 64 lovers.

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ElaM ELITE said...
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Love the game and your review.