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June 10, 2023
By youmiji SILVER, Tokyo, Other
youmiji SILVER, Tokyo, Other
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Released in September 2020, “Genshin Impact” by miHoYo won Apple’s “iPhone Game of the Year” in 2020, as well as the 2021 Apple Design Award for Visuals and Graphics, taking over the gaming industry in a little over a year.

“Genshin Impact’s” long label of an “open-world, action role-playing” game is proof that it is the perfect game for all kinds of players: exploring the land of magic, combating enemies, collecting unique characters, and solving challenging puzzles. “Genshin Impact” has it all.

Paired with crystal-clear graphics and realistic animation, the game is able to deliver moments of tranquility to its players through the story of the playable character, Traveler. Ever since being separated from their sibling by Unknown God, Traveler has been on the journey to reunite with their kin. Along the journey, players explore the seven regions of the fantasy world of Teyvat. Who is the Unknown God? What happened to Traveler’s sibling? The mystery awaits for the players to unravel.

Traveler also faces fierce monsters like Slimes and ogre-like creatures called Hilichurls on their journey. The timely background music during combat spices up the intensity, making players feel as if they are inside the game. The game’s open world rewards exploration — discoveries can be made everywhere: under rock piles, on rooftops, and even in the sky, using bounties like chests and achievement awards. Rewards usually come in the form of the game’s currency, Primogems, which can be exchanged for items called “fates,” used in the Gacha system to obtain exquisite characters and weapons. Unfortunately, days of the players’ hard work can only afford one wish most of the time.

The Gacha system is set to grant players at least one 4-star every 10 wishes, and at least one 5-star every 90 wishes; Three-starred weapons are a dime a dozen, only sporadically would there be a 4- or 5-starred commodity. The anticipation players experience when finally wishing after days of hard work is the secret ingredient to “Genshin Impact’s” formula for success. Therefore, the rush of adrenaline usually ends in discontent, giving players false hope and using just “one more fate.” Before they realize it, all their Primogems and fates are already gone.

Although marketed as a free-to-play game, is it really free of charge? “Genshin Impact” manipulates players’ desperation when they fail to obtain their favorite characters by giving them the option to cheat: use real-life money to purchase the chances of wishing. If players are not careful, they can easily fall into the rabbit hole of pay-to-play. Despite the small dissatisfaction, you’ll have to admit that “Genshin Impact” is a very well-crafted game that keeps its players awake late at night just to experience the exhilaration of the journey.

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