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Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue on Playstation (original)

March 22, 2012
By lookhere94 GOLD, Coram, New York
lookhere94 GOLD, Coram, New York
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This is a game that you will probably not remember. You probably never even played it. I’m not entirely sure why I am even reviewing it. Oh wait I do. The game is the most amazing children’s fighting game to ever exist ever in the history of the world. Back when most of the readers were young and introduced to Power Rangers at age 5-8 the version they saw was Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue. I got this game for the Playstation at age seven or so and I took to it immediately. Now, I can still play it over and over and still find it amazing.

Now I’m not going to comment on the graphics but it is an amazing game and I advise all of you reading this to go on amazon.com, pay the $8, dust off your playstation 2 and let the nostalgia take over for a few hours. You will not regret it.

I rate this game a 9/10 and look I even included a link to where you can buy it

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