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May 30, 2018
By DrPUZZLER SILVER, South Jordan, Utah
DrPUZZLER SILVER, South Jordan, Utah
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Everything is black. You can hear the clacking of footsteps. Then you see a suitcase. You are in a dark room. You move to view the rest of the room. There is a floodlight next to you. It is off. “I’ve searched every room in the house but this attic … I won’t get much further in the dark…”

Thus, “The Room: Old Sins” begins. “The Room: Old Sins” is the fourth installment of The Room series, made by Fireproof Games. It is an escape room -type game.

“The Room: Old Sins” is very interactive. The layout is a 3-D puzzle, and you can move through it easily: swipe to look around, double tap to zoom in, pinch the screen to zoom out.

Another big highlight of “The Room: Old Sins” is the storyline. Essentially, a couple has mysteriously disappeared, so you must hunt for artifacts in order to find clues. As you move through the puzzles, books can be found that tell how the couple vanished.

Another cool thing about “The Room: Old Sins,” is the new eyepiece feature. For those who have not played other games from The Room series, the eyepiece is a tool that can be worn to reveal things that would otherwise be hidden – like secret text, or other things that add to the puzzles. The eyepiece can also be used to zoom into objects smaller than you, such as keyholes or the insides of a contraption.

“The Room: Old Sins” revolves around a sinister dollhouse, which mimics Waldegrave Manor, the house you are in. The eyepiece can be used to look through the walls of the dollhouse. This allows you to view many different types of rooms and environments. Making it even more difficult, different items might belong in completely different rooms than they are found in.

One thing that makes “The Room: Old Sins” super exceptional is the graphics. The graphics rival those of PC games. They are so realistic, it can be easy to forget that they are animated.

One downside of “The Room: Old Sins” is that it is short, with only about four to five hours of gameplay the first time through. Its predecessor, “The Room 3,” was much longer. However the length of “The Room: Old Sins” doesn’t take much away from the overall supreme quality of the game.

Fireproof Games says, ‘“The Room: Old Sins” is truly a journey behind the veil.” At $4.99, one would be crazy not to purchase it. It will not be a waste of money.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the secrets within Waldegrave Manor for yourself!

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