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Wing and Minna

June 12, 2019
By ChristinaPeng BRONZE, Irvine, California
ChristinaPeng BRONZE, Irvine, California
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With great power comes great need to take a nap!

Wing and Minna is my effort to get to know a different generation and share their wisdom. My project started off as me trying to respect and celebrate the wisdom and story of one elderly couple, but it became much more than this. After creating a book that celebrated their wisdom, I created Dear Sage, a forum that connects young people with questions with older people who have the wisdom and answers. When I put out a call to my peers for questions, I was struck by all the confusion and sadness out there, but also filled with joy to connect kids who are desperately seeking answers with older people who have found great purpose by giving those kids answers. You can ask the sages questions here to be answered: I am a shy person, but I found that by putting myself out there, I was able to create something that changes people’s lives.

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