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Pumpkin Lu

December 22, 2011
By SOwhat.... SILVER, naples, Florida
SOwhat.... SILVER, Naples, Florida
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"My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go."

Pumpkin Lu
Loves you for reasons unknown
she reaches the age of unsertanty and stains her life with a blur of exstucy
she walks the streets in a long strught not knowing were to go
her mind is heavy with thought
her words are sloopy
she can not reacal her past
the memories fade, because of what meaning they bare
she watches but does not learn the truth
she only sees what she wants not what she needs
all the people she takes for granted with her freelouding lies steeling from
she makes no effort has no life
Pumpkin Lu
Loves you for reasons unknown
her rotting teeth gum is shown
when she smiles
is her soul rotting like the teeth gum
or is it like a child in slummber not yet woken from there dream
normal thoughts that she considers are that of her soul
she feels she is stuck with her soul
she wants to be a new born child and live another life
she wants to cut all her hair off brake her vows to budda
following a new path new faith
hidden is the true faith though, it's breathing wanting to live
truly not loving living hearing smelling taisting
that is the true meaning of faith.
faith in life she does not have
and she will continue on
the streets walking rouge

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